Army Golf Club


In 1883 the Army had settled into its principal base at Aldershot in the United Kingdom and had established its professional, social and sporting priorities.

Golf was a game still in its infancy in England but it was well established in Scotland where it had been played at all social levels since the Middle Ages.

In early 1883 there were about 140 golf clubs with their own course and clubhouse in Great Britain and of these only about 40 were in England.  There was only one in Hampshire although that state of affairs was soon to be changed.

Golf was gathering adherents world-wide and not the least of the influences would have been the Scottish regiments, members of which would have played the game at home. In 1883, 1st Battalion, The Cameronians, were serving in Aldershot and they had golfers among their number. Their officers were certainly members of the Royal Aldershot Officers’ Club, the primary social centre for officers in the garrison. There must have been a ground swell of interest in golf because, on 13 October 1883, ‘The Surrey and Hants News’ published a brief paragraph on its middle page, which read:

“GOLF - it is proposed to establish a Golf Club on the Camp and Officers interested are requested to communicate with Lieutenant Colonel Sartorious VC. DAQMG on the arrangements to be made.”


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